Based on the fact that the membrane of cells is highly permeable to cheap xenical potassium ions and low permeability for other ions, it showed that the magnitude of the membrane potential can be determined using the Nernst formula. [Image: i_001.jpg]     In the 1949-1952 period. A. Hodgkin, A. Huxley, B. Katz created a time-membrane-ionic theory, according to buy robaxin canada which the membrane potential is caused not only by the concentration of potassium ions, but sodium and chlorine, as well as unequal permeability of the cell membrane of these ions. The cytoplasm of nerve and muscle cells contain 30 -50 times more potassium ions are 8-10 times less of sodium ions and 50 times less of chlorine ions than the extracellular fluid. Membrane permeability for ions due to ion channels, protein macromolecules, penetrating the lipid layer.

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